Is your team struggling to ship code?

At first, it was easy. The future was bright. But the codebase grew, and so did the team. Instead of shipping features, they're fixing regressions, and now the business team is wondering, "what happened?".

Sound familiar? It's a typical story. Before you can scale your Rails application any further, you have some housekeeping to do. The problem is that finding the time is nearly impossible at this stage. We can help.

Onboarding new developers taking forever?

Every new-hire can ship code on their first day on the job. We'll automate everything we can and document the rest.

  • Create a fine-tuned development environment with Docker that is fast on macOS and Windows too.
  • Utilize all the power of VS Code by running it inside Docker with the remote-containers extension.
  • Implement a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) that fits your team.
  • Automate the setup process and provide command-line-tooling to stay productive, going forward.

Can't scale in production? Heroku prices killing you?

We'll build modern infrastructure with Docker & Kubernetes, teaching your team the ins & outs as we go. Our strategy is to keep things as simple as possible while empowering your engineers to operate the infrastructure themselves before our work is done.

  • Deploy your Rails applications with Docker & Kubernetes.
  • Create reproducible infrastructure using CDK & Terraform.
  • Utilize canary deployments to minimize risk and experiment with new features.

Slow or intermittently failing CI killing productivity?

Our team of expert consultants will help you determine root-causes and develop short-term & long-term solutions.

  • Modernize your CI with parallel workflows on Github Actions.
  • Finally get to the bottom of those 'flakey' tests that eat up developer time & focus.
  • No test suite? No problem. We'll get your team started with current best practices.

These testing improvements have already increased the efficiency of developers working on the code.

  • Scott C, Concord software architect

Application dependencies outdated?

Upgrades often take a back seat to bug fixes or new features. Unfortunately, putting off maintenance creates technical debt, which can bankrupt your app in the long-run.

  • Upgrade Ruby, Rails, and other application dependencies.
  • Upgrade or migrate development/test dependencies (phantomjs -> headless chrome anyone?).
  • Safely migrate from protected attributes -> strong parameters.

We're Hint, and we'll help your team ship code.

Our mission is to transform how software is made by building a better, more sustainable development process for everyone. Interested? We'd love to talk.

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