Upgrading CodePen

Kyle Boe - July 05, 2016

TLDR: Our cofounder Joshua Wood was recently on the weekly CodePen.io podcast to discuss how we helped them upgrade their Rails app:

096:Upgrading Rails

You may have seen our ad in Ruby Weekly advertising our site UpgradeRails.com. In response to our ad, the fine folks over at CodePen.io got in touch with us and threw down the gauntlet: upgrade CodePen from Rails 3.2 to Rails 4.2.

After analyzing CodePen's codebase and determining that the upgrade was within their budget, we got to work. The end result: we crushed it!

Crushing it gif

They were so happy with our work that they invited our very own cofounder and creator of Upgrade Rails, Joshua Wood, onto their weekly podcast to talk about the upgrade. During the podcast CodePen cofounder Tim Sabat summarized it best:

“This is the perfect thing for us to consult on… we can be building user facing features while [Hint] can be working hard in the background.” - Tim Sabat

To hear all about the upgrade process, check out the podcast.

Kyle Boe

Kyle is a member of the development team at Hint. In his free time, Kyle enjoys throwing LAN parties and contributing to open source software.


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