Now that Rails 6.1 has been released, we are looking ahead to what Rails 7 has in store for us.


Moderate Parameters: The Path From Protected Attributes to Strong Parameters

We all know Strong Parameters isn't exactly cutting edge technology. But with many apps still using Protected Attributes, we built a tool to bridge the gap. We call it Moderate Parameters.


Gems, Some of Our Favorites - PaperTrail + PaperTrailScrapbook

PaperTrail and PaperTrailScrapbook are two gems that can work in concert to track and view changes to your application's data. Today we take a look at how to get started, basic usage, examples, and a few caveats.

Upgrading CodePen

Our cofounder Joshua Wood was recently on the weekly podcast to discuss how we helped them upgrade their Rails app.

Case Study: CodePen Rails Upgrade

Check out a case study of how Hint helped upgrade their Rails app without impacting feature development!

How to Upgrade to Rails 5

Is your app ready for the latest version of Rails? Follow these steps/best practices to make your upgrade go as smoothly as possible.


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