Integrating AWS Lambda with ActiveStorage.


Case Study: Mon Ami

Silicon Valley startup Mon Ami engaged Hint to build a two-sided marketplace where seniors can book time with visitors for meaningful socialization, activity, and task-based care.

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10 New Things in Active Record

Let's take a look at 10 new additions to Active Record in Rails 6!


Sr. Ruby on Rails Developer

Do you enjoy debugging, killing tech-debt, and refactoring code? We're seeking an experienced Ruby on Rails developer to join our team remotely or on-site at our downtown Vancouver, WA office location.

Easily Integrate Ramda into Your React Workflow

Exploring how Ramda can improve your React code.


Have you called your method object lately?

Let's explore how to turn your ordinary Ruby class into an undeniably awesome method object with the ultra-handy gem, Procto.


I Updated Rails. Now Everything's on Fire.

Once a Rails app has bundled at the next version of Rails, it is common to have a number of errors to handle before your test suite will run. In this post I walk-through one of the common issues we see.


Rails 6 Upgrade Best Practices

Is your app ready for the latest version of Rails? Follow these best practices to make your upgrade go as smoothly as possible.


Moderate Parameters: The Path From Protected Attributes to Strong Parameters

We all know Strong Parameters isn't exactly cutting edge technology. But with many apps still using Protected Attributes, we built a tool to bridge the gap. We call it Moderate Parameters.


Gems, Some of Our Favorites - PaperTrail + PaperTrailScrapbook

PaperTrail and PaperTrailScrapbook are two gems that can work in concert to track and view changes to your application's data. Today we take a look at how to get started, basic usage, examples, and a few caveats.

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