• We're Hiring!

    Do you enjoy debugging, killing tech-debt, and refactoring code? We're seeking an experienced Ruby on Rails developer to join our team remotely or on-site at our downtown Vancouver, WA office location.

  • Gems, Some of Our Favorites - PaperTrail + PaperTrailScrapbook

    PaperTrail and PaperTrailScrapbook are two gems that can work in concert to track and view changes to your application's data. Today we take a look at how to get started, basic usage, examples, and a few caveats.

  • Welcome Nate

    We’ve added to the team! Nate Vick has joined our team as Project Manager. As an experienced manager of a wide variety of technology disciplines for the past 18 years, Nate brings a breadth of knowledge and experience to Hint.

  • Welcome Jason

    We are excited to welcome Jason Dinsmore to our team! Jason has been working with us as a subcontractor for over a year now and it became no-brainer that we should seal the deal and bring him on full-time. Jason lives in Battle Ground, WA and will be working on-site with the rest of the team in our office downtown.

  • Case Study: CodePen Rails Upgrade

    Check out a case study of how Hint helped upgrade their Rails app without impacting feature development!

  • Upgrading CodePen

    Our cofounder Joshua Wood was recently on the weekly podcast to discuss how we helped them upgrade their Rails app.

  • Co-working Vancouver

    We were recently featured in a co-working promo video by the City of Vancouver! Come see us in action.

  • Welcome Kyle

    We are excited to welcome a new member to our team! As of this week Kyle Boe has joined Hint staff as a Jr. Ruby Developer. Kyle is from Vancouver, WA and will be working on-site with the rest of the team in our office downtown. We're looking forward to the enthusiasm that Kyle brings, as well as his fresh perspective on complex problems that our clients face.

  • We're Hiring

    I'm super excited to announce that we're looking for the next member(s) of our team here at Hint. If you love writing Ruby and JavaScript and are looking for a job, we want to talk to you. Drop us a line and tell us about yourself. If you have a resume and/or links to online projects, feel free to include those as well!

  • How to Upgrade to Rails 5

    Is your app ready for the latest version of Rails? Follow these steps/best practices to make your upgrade go as smoothly as possible.

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