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We help our clients launch products that sell.


We help companies of all sizes ‐ from single founders to the Fortune 1000 ‐ build software that delivers. We'll work with you to understand the problems you face and solve them through carefully crafted code and design. When you're ready to grow we'll help you hire an engineering team to take you to the next level.


Ben Wood | President


Josh Wood | Founder


Nate Vick | Project Manager


Nate Shoemaker | Developer


Kyle Boe | Developer


Jason Dinsmore | Developer


We specialize in services ranging from product consulting and project management to custom software development and user interface design. We're crazy about the entire process of delivering quality software and have learned a thing or two about how to do it effectively over the past 10 years. Our goal is always to offer you solutions that are as unique as your business and to ensure your success.

Custom Software Development

We build, maintain, and fix apps. Not sure what to build? Talk to us about how we can save you tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year through software automation.

Product Consulting

Building an app is only the beginning; we'll share our experiences launching past products in order to maximize ROI.

Training & Mentoring

We'll help your company stay on the cutting edge of technology and tools through online or in-person training and mentoring.


We use standards such as Agile and Test-Driven Software Development to rapidly deliver quality code. The faster we can put software to work for your business, the greater your ROI. That's why our process includes:

  1. Regular updates: view your project online from day 1, and track its progress as milestones are reached each week.
  2. Brief, weekly status meetings to ensure we're on track and on budget.
  3. Developing a launch strategy: after the launch, we'll help you collect feedback from your customers in order to help guide future development.
  4. Weekly billing with our short contract allows us to start solving your problems immediately and helps you make the most of your budget.
  5. The web's best technologies for rapid development: Ruby & Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Linux, and more.
Justin l
Justin Luciani
Founder, RecruitiFi
"Hands down the best consulting firm I've worked with. They understand the full development cycle and do a great job of using creativity to design elegant solutions."

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